Monday, December 3, 2007

Obsessed with Bhairavi

Bhairavi has been running in my head for the past 3 days. MDR's Balagopala, Thanam in Bhairavi are the main culprits. Need to have a marathon Bhairavi session to appease myself. :-)

Krithi - [audio:]

Neraval,Swaram - [audio:]

Listen to the way he sings the word 'Maanicka'.... Pure bliss.


  1. yup! every reason to be obsessed :D

  2. Have been listening to the same, quite often.
    Its not going away from my head as well.
    Any idea of who is on Mrudangam?
    Especially Drona-Karna duryodhanaadi..:)

  3. Posssible that it is Trichy S.G. Sundaram who was my room mates father at IISC. He used to like MDR very much and mimick like him and tell his father accompanied MDR at Aaakshvani Sangeeta Sammelan!

  4. I am just listening to his Ananda Bhairavi for the last two days - nimati challaga. breathtaking! The glide on the ga ri sa ni dha pa - aww! pure divine!

  5. Hello nice to hear about my Father in law's name being mentioned here. Manoj ji, Kalyan, my husband is thrilled to hear from you . The file is not available but am glad that we could get in touch with you via this blog.
    Pl. reply to us in

  6. the mridangam has to be Palghat Raghu, is my take

  7. I am fascinated byMDR's rendering of Balagopala in Bhairavi. I am obsessed with this and can't seem to be able to leave this song and go to anything else!!

  8. Thanks for posting my comments.