Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obsession with Bhairavi

Blame T.M.Krishna for the malady! Just when I got out of my Bhairavi mode, he had to talk about Bhairavi in his interview for Worldspace Shruthi. Of course, I had to go and satiate myself with more Bhairavi. Here's the list of things I listened to after the interview.

1) MLV - Chetulara Sringara (a rarely heard krithi except during the Aradhana). A fine exposition of Bhairavi for 13 minutes. Had all the essential phrases and was wholesome.

2) MSS - RTP Bhairavi (1968 Academy concert). A well-executed Bhairavi.

3) SSI - Janani Mamava : This was mind-boggling stuff. SSI IS SSI. A wonderful thanam in this (probably) Navarathri mandapam concert

4) Sanjay - Yaaro Ivar Yaaro: Had never heard this krithi before from Sanjay. A brisk and interesting Bhairavi

5) MLV - Koluvai: The mention of this krithi in the interview was what triggered my appetite again. Have to listen to the krithi more.