Friday, April 27, 2007

Want music? Contribute to charity

Since January last year, I have been active with a charity called India Literacy Project (ILP), here in California. The organization aims to contribute to the cause of literacy in India and promote awareness about the importance of education among the rural people. I've researched and analyzed the credibility of the organization before volunteering for them. I had a chance to speak to one of the representatives in India during my trip there and it was very pleasing to know that my dollars are being spent usefully. I'm planning to visit one of their projects next year and will come back with more information.

The California chapter of ILP predominantly raises funds and promotes awareness about ILP itself among the Indian diaspora here. Well, not many would willingly contribute if we just showed up and asked for money. So, to show our commitment to this cause, we take part in an annual 199-mile Relay from NAPA Valley to Santa Cruz ( We are a team of 12 runners who start at 7.AM on Saturday morning and finish around 4.PM on Sunday evening. We live in a van for the two days and run non-stop from start to finish. This year I have decided to run the second most toughest legs of the Relay adding up to a total of 20.1 miles.

Have I given you enough reason to contribute? I suppose not. As they say, there is no true altruism. I'll make you an offer. If you contribute a minimum of $25, I'll send you a DVD full of music of artists of your choice. (Hint 1: I have a lot of music. Hint 2: My MDR collection itself is more than 12 GB.). For every $10 above $25, I'll add a DVD. You don't have to pay me anything directly. I'll post the instructions for contributing below. The entire amount is tax deductible. I'm paying for the postage and DVD out of my own pocket plus the time spent in burning the DVDs and posting them. Obviously I cannot charge for the music since it's not mine. You'll receive the DVD(s) before the 1st of June, 2007.

NOTE: No contemporary musicians and no commercial recordings.


1. Go to http://www.ilpnet. org/donatenow. html
2. Click on "Donate Now" button
3. Enter Amount to Donate
4. Under "Designation (Optional)" Form Field, Type "ILP Relay Team"
5. Under "Dedication (Optional)" Form Field, Enter Name of the Runner i.e. Sripathi Guruprasannaraj
6. Enter email address and login
7. Once logged in, provide required credit card information to complete the donation
IMPORTANT: Please Note that Donors donating online will not get a paper receipt from ILP. A printer friendly receipt will be emailed to the Donor which they can print and save for tax deduction purposes.

Once you are done, send me your name, address, phone number and preferences by email. My email address is available in the Contact page. I shall send you the DVD(s) at the earliest.

I'm looking forward to your contribution.

"All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." - Aristotle

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