Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Art of Education

"Good musicians impress. Great musicians educate."


I'm not sure if someone has quoted this before. But this is what came to my mind as I was hearing TRS sing Suddha Dhanyasi for the 30th time this week. Prior to hearing this rendition, Suddha Dhanyasi (SD for short) wasn't exactly a favorite raga. I had dismissed it off as a light raga with not much scope for elaboration. I loved Narayana ninna naamadha smarane and knew that the song Punjai undu nanjai undu in the movie 'Unnal Mudiyum Thambi' was in SD. But it was not exactly a raga that turned my head or made me sit up and listen.


Subramanyena is also a favorite in the raga and MMI does a phenomenal job with kalpanaswaras for this krithi. But what I heard from TRS was simply out of this world. It was as if he thought the raga hadn't done been justice and decided to do it that day. The sangathis at Prabrava maadi Pujita Padena are just a precursor. The first brilliant moment comes at 'Bhogamoksha Pradaanena Nityena'. Just listen to the way he sings 'Bhogamoksha'. I can't describe my emotions when I listen to that phrase in this rendition. It's a mixture of love, devotion, enlightenment - all at the same time.


As he gracefully lands at Venkateshwara Nama Rupena, the time has arrived to start his agenda for the day. What follows is a lesson in Suddha Dhanyasi, an exhibition of the art of swara singing, the importance of aesthetics in Carnatic Music, all delivered in a beautiful package. I'll say no more lest it becomes redudant. Sit back and enjoy!!




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