Monday, March 26, 2007

Am I hearing Sindhu Bhairavi?

I thought I heard some Sindhu Bhairavi in this Dhenuka swara prasthara by TRS. Can someone confirm it or is something wrong with my ears?


Damn. Wordpress conveniently removes these embedded audio. You'll have to download it. :-(

Updated: Ok, I think I should have posted only the snippet that sounded like Sindhu Bhairavi.


MMI's Sindhu Bhairavi ragamalika swaras: [audio:]

TNK's response: [audio:]

Listen to the new snippet and then listen to TNK's response. The phrases that TRS sings - M D P M G, M P M D P M G, D P M G, D P M G R G. I was intrigued mainly by the way he starts off - S R G M P D P and TNK starts off almost the same way. I'm not saying that TRS is singing Sindhu Bhairavi but there definitely seems to be a flavor attached to it.

Update: I see a lot of people visiting this page. It'd also help if you could give your opinion. :-)


  1. In fact I heard a little bit of Punnagavarali (when he ri ga ga ri sa ni ni ri ga ga ri ri sa). I am not finding Sindhubhairavi thou.

    Kalpanaswara in general good but he misses many swara stanas.

    But Dhenuka is a good raga I like it and Theliye leru rama is a too good song.

  2. Sh. TRS does add a distinct punnAgavarALi flavor - except the Ni in punnAgavarALi is different from the Ni in dhEnuka.


  3. Sri, Yes i fact you are true. There is a little flavor of Sindhubhairavi when he sings those phrases.

    May I know where the clip by MMI is from :)

  4. Yeah, there's a slight Sindhubhairavi flavor! Interesting, the way he subtly modifies the gamakams to make it sound like other ragams!

  5. Uday from clarifies:

    "Not at all unusual to detect phrases/flavors of Sindhu Bhairavi when listening to Dhenuka.

    The two raagas differ in aarohana and avaraohana by a mere swara, the N. Orthodox Sindhu Bhairavi has the same A/A as Todi except that the notes, particularly G and N, are sung without the gamaka. SB has N2 and Dhenuka N3. In Dhenuka too the G (i.e., G2) is sung without gamaka. So the first 6 notes S R1 G2 M1 P D1 are identical. How can we NOT detect similarities from time to time ?!

    In addition, it is permissible to briefly touch N3 in SIndhu Bhairavi, esp. in alapanas. Hindustani musicians such as Ali AKbar Khan did that delightfully. Phrases such as

    S R1 G2 S R1 N3 S

    Under these circumstances it brings it even closer to Dhenuka."