Saturday, August 12, 2006

Guru Smarana

M.D.Ramanathan (MDR) was a disciple of Sri Tiger Varadachariar. MDR's bhakthi for his Guru is legendary. He gets very emotional talking about Tiger. It's no wonder he pays obeisance to his Guru in whatever way possible.

I recently listened to a moving Manasa Guruguha in Anandabhairavi.  To hear him sing it, it's almost as if Dikshithar sings it. The composition itself is a very beautiful one. In particular, the last part of the charanam goes like this:

Nathwa Sree Guru Charanam

Kruthwa Namasmaranam Jithwa Moha varanam

Mathwa Thwadeka Sharanam


Prostrate (“nathwa”) on His feet (“guru charanam”) ;

Mediate (“kruthwa”) on His name(“namasmaranam”);

Conquer (“Jithwa”) the veil of illusion(“Moha”),

and Think (“Mathwa”) of Him as your (“thwa”) sole (“eka”)  refuge (“sharanam”).


He sings those lines and proceeds to meditate on those lines. He was a person who really lived those words. I could sense the emotion in his voice when he sings those lines. Truly a great soul!!

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  1. Dear sri,
    MDR surely gets very emotional when anyone talks about tiger. I would love to hear manasa guruguha sung by him. If you have the piece, please do mail me the mp3.