Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Half a Marathon

My obsession with running continues. I signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon (2nd half). I had been dilly-dallying on whether to run it or not. I finally decided to give it a go and have been praticising assiduously. I logged 36 miles last week including a 12 or 13 mile run with no bad side-effects. This week started with a rather hard run in the midday sun on Sunday (pun unintended). I skipped training today after being dehydrated by yesterday's run with a long run planned for tommorow.

I mostly run on Shoreline Park in Mountain View since it's close to my house. I recently started running from the San Antonio Road entrance through the Palo Alto Bay lands to the Sailing station. It's a nice 7.5 - 8 mile run on a gravel path that's not too hard on your legs. In the evenings, the wind is a little strong and the sun is directly in your eyes since you are mostly running west and north west.

I killed my trusted companion who used to accompany me on my runs. Yes, I'm talking about my Palm Zire PDA that I had been using to listen to music on my runs. I broke the LCD Screen while trying to stuff my phone in the same pocket where I had put the PDA. When I do something stupid, I do it big. I'm really annoyed that I did this but accidents happen. I'm going to try running without music, as suggested by a lot of veteran runners, tommorow and hopefully it'll not be too much of a problem. If it turns out to be, then I have the Creative Zen Nano Plus in mind.

God save my stuff from me!!


P.S: I bet no one listens to MDR while running except me. ;-)


  1. I use to hear MDR during my gym workouts....during my walks to school and ofcourse when I am working with my lappy....

    Thought I was unique...but I am not alone :)

  2. Wrong. I've had MDR's Ninnu Kori for company quite a few times during my marathon training long runs :)

    PS: Just chanced on your blog on random Googling

  3. I dont have much of an MDR collection. I have an 18 minute rendition of Nannu Palimpa by Santhanam. Yes Mohanam is an amazing ragam for running.
    My fav running ragam though is Hamsadhwani!

    Am running the Philly marathon for Asha

  4. I listen to MDR and KVN often.I like to listen without anyother activity.